Opening Screen – App

Okay so the opening screen is planned that the app opens with the title and play button and when the user hits play animation plays which they are then brought to the menu choice.

So this is how the screen looks.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 21.33.51

Now I dont like this, I think this is very bland and uninteresting.  I want something to be like oh okay this looks good.

So I added in the two main characters, however im still unsure so Im going to ask the opinion of fellow students.

The first is them at an angle:

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 21.30.12

The second is straight:

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 21.31.49


Trying to test my app on my tablet

Okay so I have literally spend the whole day trying to get this work and nothing is working.

I originally tried the sdk way however the methods on gamesalads website confused me and didnt explain it very well.  I then took to youtube trying to find solutions of which I couldnt find.

I then came across a video that there is actually a viewer you can download on the tablet, plug it into the laptop open gamesalad and I should be able to test it on my tablet.

…….this just doesnt work!  Ive tried this now on three devices my tablet phone and my mams phone.  I keep getting a network error, perhaps to do with my terrible eircom broadband speeds (troubles of living in the country)

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 18.56.34

Now this error, ive google it and came across a forum.  I am not the only person who is having this.  I tried all suggested comments like restarting, reinstalling on all devices etc.  Nothing.

So maybe this isnt something that im doing wrong but actually a current problem with the gamesalad software etc.

This forum was started in November and the most recent post was at the start of the month.

Im just giving up on this right now and going to try this on the macs in college since well the internet is through a cable and not broadband.  If that doesnt work, im going to have to really try and figure out this sdk business.  I know ill struggle with this and will probably seek help.

I also asked greg about how he got it on his phone, turns out he got unity not gamesalad on there.


Creating the Intro animation -Video password is FYP –

Firstly I went back to the Island blender file and set up the scene, testing different ways to zoom into the island.  This is how the scene looks in blender.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 18.28.56



Once this was done I had to render the animation which consisted of 180 frames.  Now I realised the other day that my gamesalad file with only 3 scenes out of 33 in it was already 178mb. The reason for this is that blender doesn’t compress the files very small. So Dan mentioned in last weeks meeting about compressing them again in photoshop.  So this was the task at hand; export 180 images again in photoshop.  As you can see from the image below which isnt even 180 images the daunting task I now had.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 18.28.11


So you can view my pain:


As you can see from this image exporting them through photoshop again compresses them significantly going from 96KB to 30KB.
Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 18.27.37



This is how the animation looks in blender:


I am now brining these into gamesalad for the main screen. These 180 images have brought my file up to 181.5mb which is very good considering the amount I just added as opposed to the 3 I previously added (they need to be replaced to bring file size back down).

I have set this scene up so when the play button is pressed and released the button will disappear and the animation will play.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 19.19.14


I now need to add in the menu options at the end of the animation.


Planning interactivity (detailed)

Following the storyboard I have gone through each screen deciding what I am going to make interactive and what it is going to do.

I’ve so far outlined what I can make at this point in gamesalad, however I hope to be able to do more within it with regards to the interactivity.

Thus list may change as I learn to do more fun things in gamesalad.

-owl eyes in tree blinks. This is an animation created with three images that repeat to create blink effect.

-Mushroom 1 will bounce up to certain point and back down. (Gamesalad)

-mushroom 2 will scale/pop (blender/aftereffects)

-mushroom and grass will bender (after effects)

-Tree BG bush will rotate (blender animation)

-tree and fox, fox will appear from behind tree (blender)

-same as above

-camera to zoom into princess on horse oisin is still in view (If I can get camera to zoom in game salad then this can work other wise this feature will be removed)

-camera pan over to focus on just oisin and fionn (same as camera zoom above)

-background is yet to be set

-bush1 will rotate (blender/aftereffects animation)

-bush2/rock will move left when clicked fall into sea and bush/rock causes splash in water.

-sea waves will animate on loop (blender animation)


Learning Gamesalad

Before I go on any further in the development of my app in Gamesalad I figured it would be best that I look at tutorials, make them myself and see what Gamesalad is capable of.  The first time I did this over the easter nothing worked for me.

I started looking at tutorials, multiple tutorials didn’t work.  However I found a few videos and one specific channel that has really good tutorials that are working.

Once I find all that I can find and make work I know what interactivity’s I can do in Gamesalad and what I need to create animations of in blender/after effects.

This is the youtube channel I found:

He also has a website with loads of ‘freebies’ which I can download and look at how they were made possible.  My general feeling at this point is relief.  I finally feel like I can make this app.

Supervisor Meeting – 17th April

Today we met Dan and he firstly shared the feedback from the other lecturers following the mid semester presentations on Monday.

A few things were highlighted however the overall feel was good. 

  • Could I run into a risk of after spending all that time on the 3D modelling that they end up just being still images.
  • The amount of text on the screen needs to be brought down to just a line or two at a time.  As this app is for four year olds and up, which cannot read or read very well it is advised that I try and change this.
  • The interactivity was highlighted by Ian, Could I somehow make this visible for the children to know its interactive.

Suggestion were made in the meeting with regards this. 

  • Think about adding in animation, even just simple tweens on both characters and backgrounds.
  • The text on screen issue will depend on the capabilities of GameSalad.  Something I have yet to look into.
  • To emphasise there is interactive elements perhaps think about the idea of maybe adding fairy dust around each interactive element.

My general feel about the animation part is worrying although I completely understand where the lecturers are coming from and I do agree with what they are saying is right I feel trying to do this could take up time.  Time which is running very short at this point. I want to focus on getting the app in place.  Once I think thats done and all is well I can go back and change some scenes with animations.  I think this is the best way to go about it.  I want to ensure everything is in place before I start adding in extra things that have yet to be created.

This is also how I take on the remaining graphics.  I will make these as I go along at this point.  I dont want to waste days working on my giant that could then in the long run affect my overall app.