supervisor meeting – 8th May

Today I presented to Dan what I had got.  He suggested a change that I could make if I have time in the end.  The change was to the paper of the text boxbox and to make it look more worn.

Considering the amounof time I’ve got left and the amount of work I need to do it was advised that I make up a detailed plan of what needs to get done in a give time frame. Dan further advised that I take about six or seven scenes and make them look really good animation wise. I think this is the right thing to do as well it would be putting my 3D models down.

Tomorrow I will plan out my life for the next week and hope for the best.

With regards getting the app on the android store it is still unsure.  I simply cannot afford the 200 euros for a pro game salad account however Dan is looking to have the college pay for this. Then other students can use the account too which is a good thing for future students as well.


Supervisor Meeting – 17th April

Today we met Dan and he firstly shared the feedback from the other lecturers following the mid semester presentations on Monday.

A few things were highlighted however the overall feel was good. 

  • Could I run into a risk of after spending all that time on the 3D modelling that they end up just being still images.
  • The amount of text on the screen needs to be brought down to just a line or two at a time.  As this app is for four year olds and up, which cannot read or read very well it is advised that I try and change this.
  • The interactivity was highlighted by Ian, Could I somehow make this visible for the children to know its interactive.

Suggestion were made in the meeting with regards this. 

  • Think about adding in animation, even just simple tweens on both characters and backgrounds.
  • The text on screen issue will depend on the capabilities of GameSalad.  Something I have yet to look into.
  • To emphasise there is interactive elements perhaps think about the idea of maybe adding fairy dust around each interactive element.

My general feel about the animation part is worrying although I completely understand where the lecturers are coming from and I do agree with what they are saying is right I feel trying to do this could take up time.  Time which is running very short at this point. I want to focus on getting the app in place.  Once I think thats done and all is well I can go back and change some scenes with animations.  I think this is the best way to go about it.  I want to ensure everything is in place before I start adding in extra things that have yet to be created.

This is also how I take on the remaining graphics.  I will make these as I go along at this point.  I dont want to waste days working on my giant that could then in the long run affect my overall app.

Supervisor meeting 27th March

This week we mostly discussed the plans for easter.  I showed Dan my work however he had already seen this on my blog.  For my giants castle he suggested I add in some windows.  We also discussed interfaces and apps which he showed on his tablet.  He highlighted about having plenty of interactivity. One app he showed me – Rumpelstiltskin, there was plenty of interactivity with just simple things like wobbling, spinning.

For the presentation Dan expressed that I need to show sketches, process and final graphic for everything I have made so far.  Play a snippet of the voice over and to if I can show some interactivity.

Supervisor Meeting March 20th

Couldn’t make todays meeting as I had an assignment due that day. Arranged another meeting with Dan on Monday.

Monday 23rd Meeting

Met Dan today and presented my three backgrounds.  I explained my struggles with the Giants castle and how I felt that nothing was working it was too bland and so on.  Dan agreed with this and gave me the idea of perhaps building a castle into a mountain or on top of a cliff.  I like the idea of the built into the mountain castle, or the castle being a mountain with just a long tunnel which leads to a door as the castle.

I will go with this idea starting with sketches.

I showed the cliff image.  The only suggestion Dan had for this was to change the colour of the cliff as it doesn’t really look like rock.

I also showed him the castle ruin.  He expressed that the lighting needs to be adjusted as the shadows are too harsh and that perhaps a few more rocks and windows could be added to the ruin.

For Friday 27th:

Complete giants castle, courtyard for battle and the hallway of the castle.

I hope to also look at interface design and get in contact with the Irish speaking person Barry knows.

Supervisor meeting 13th March

Today I met with Dan and presented my two background images which I created.

Overall he was pleased with these. He did suggest some changes however I should just leave them as they are.

He brought up about adding little things into the backgrounds such as birds and cows for example. I think this is a good thing I should probably do this so ill look into this next week.

Dan also brought up about perhaps recording the audio in Irish.  A very good suggestion that again next week I’m going to try and find a person for this.

He also suggested about drawing up a detailed story board of how each scene will pan out on the app. I will do this next week.

Finally another thing dan brought up is with the audio and to think about the background sounds which are an important aspect to adding to the overall feel of the app. I will begin to note these down next week.

Supervisor Meeting 6th of March

Today I met with Dan and presented him with the work I have done since I last seen him.

The fireplace background Dan was happy with he feels that this is pretty much complete that the camera angle just needs to be adjusted to the right level and perhaps add in a mouse or something to give it a poor kind of feel.  I think I will do this in 2D and perhaps include this as an interactivity option.  I will think about this more.

The Village background again dan was happy with these he suggested that however the houses are too perfect and need to look a bit more old or something.  I will do this in photoshop to add ‘dirt’ to the walls.  I am also unsure what to do about the terrain, Im thinking I could do this in photoshop and bring it into blender.  Im unsure about this.

I also played the audio for Dan to which he was very impressed and expressed that Karen does have a really good voice.  I spoke to him about doing audio for the characters on each scene and even if I dont use it in the end doing it now would be best as opposed to thinking next month I should do it. He agreed with this and suggested that even if its just simple phrases of “Lets go to Tir na nOg” it could work and adds some more interactivity for the children.  I will work on this next week.

Tasks for this week were 80% completed with the Village background to be finalised.

For next week 

I am going to continue working on the backgrounds this week as I am enjoying it.  If you look at my plan for next week the tasks are to create the characters however I want to stick with the backgrounds so I have swapped next weeks tasks with the following weeks tasks.

  • Princess Castle
  • Tir na nOg Island
  • Script each scene phrases
  • Find people to do these and test
  • Try and finalise the village scene from this week

Supervisor meeting – 27th Feb

Could not attend meeting due to transport issues.

Brief meeting with Dan during this week in the mac lab, presented him quickly with my farmer characters and my field background.  Was pleased with the characters however the background needs improvement – the hills are too perfect, the wall in the foreground Dan is not mad on he suggested I add some moss/weeds and I should work on depth of field.