Blogging progress on gamesald

Okay so its been a few days since I blogged however my reasoning is I’m not really sure how to go about this. I’m still learning things as I go along with lots of trial and errors.

Last week I had created two screens in the app however it was highlighted at the supervisor meeting that it was a bit boring and I need to think about if this were say a video etc having close up and the likes.

So I had to start over. This I know the best thing to do, it sort of killed my motivation and actually forced me to tears one day with Ian when he asked how my project was going (sorry Ian). Then to make it worse I was sick over the bank holiday. Icing on the cake!.

I was beginning to panic at the start of this week. Trying to finish the last two assignments and get some fyp work in.  My progress was slow last week hence the lack of blogging. But I guess I could say is I’m back guys yay……..

So with a week left to the deadline the pressure is very high. Spent my Saturday morning in college got some good work done there so I’m feeling good. Its amazing how much easier it is to work in there when its quiet. 

I’m going to blog whatever I have from last week. I just genuinely feel that its hard to document. 


Intro test animation – password is FYP

This is the rough idea for the opening of the app, there will be clouds added that will spread apart.  When the video reaches the end this is where the icons appear for the options for Read to me, Read myself and Page select.

Giants Castle new idea and Model

Following my meeting with Dan I have had a change of idea in regards to the Giants castle.  The idea is that a mountain will be a mountain.  The idea coming from this image found on google images.


Creating a spooky feel idea:

6722951349_7d306f35bf_o-950x592 tlk_hd_1258 Elephantgraveyard

Original (not very spooky feeling):  castleGiant

Experimenting with mist: castleGiantMist2 castleGiantMist3 castleGiantMist4 castleGiantMist5  castleGiantMist7 castleGiantMist6

Heightened side rocks:


I added a grey sky however I think the white looks better:


Added Oisin in photoshop just to see how it would look:

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.10.34

Blender screenshots:

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 13.13.21 Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 13.13.27

App Interface brainstorm

Looking back at my research phase on various apps I have conjured up a list of possible settings etc options.


  • Voice on
  • Voice off
  • Volume toggles
  • Autoplay
  • Font size
  • Language

Menu options:

  • Settings
  • page selection
  • Home
  • Restart

On home page:

  • Menu icon
  • Play/Start

Present on each screen except Home:

  • Menu Icon
    • Settings
      • Voice on/off
      • Volume toggles
      • Turn on/off auto play
      • Language
      • Font size
    • Page selection
    • Home
    • Restart
  • Pause Icon

Other design interface features:

  • Next, previous buttons
  • Instructions
    • Separate page?
    • screen hints for interactivity
      • Cursor pointer
      • Glowing object
      • Glowing surrounding circle
      • Dashed line
  • The End page
    • Play again/ Start again
    • Home icon