App creation first scene

Okay so putting the app together is proving to be a long process of constant learning.  However I do think when I learn and get this first scene in place the others will not be as challenging because Ill be using the same kind of stuff.

One thing im not sure about is the background music.  I would like to have that for each ‘location’ there is a backing track to represent the place etc like birds chirping in the forest, the sea at the cliff scene. However Im not sure how to do this.

I figured out a way to let it play on as I go from scene to scene and only restarting when I return to the first scene with the birds sound.  But the problem is how to make it stop after so many scenes.

Another problem im facing is that of the pause button.  I can get the pause button to stop the background music.  However I cant get it to play it again. Its things like this that is getting highly frustrating, there is probably a simple solution to this that I have yet to find.  Ill probably (HOPE) that I find it some day soon.  As for now I am aiming to get everything in as well the end is near!!.

Im  also finding it hard to blog they process of bringing my app together visually, not really sure what to be putting up.  Now that im bringing audio into the first scene, I cant capture this on a screen grab….

So heres screen shots of what I can capture, this is how the scene opens:

Interactivity includes (from top left) Tree top spin, owl eyes blink, mushroom (1) just sound, mushroom 2 (wobble)  mushroom 3 (scale), bottom tree trunk fox appears and disappears, Each tree has a sound when tapped from left to right they go down in scale as do all items listed above.

** Character Fionn has to be added to screen **
He is yet to be updated.  I plan to do this tomorrow.


Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 00.16.41

Then the princess enters from the left as the voice over says “A woman appear before them riding a snow white horse”:

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 00.16.54

I would like that the child taps the horse and neighs etc, might try find out a way of getting this to work.


At this point I then change screen to a more close up of the princess as the voice over begins to describe her:

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 00.19.00


The plan here is when the voice over says “On her head she wore a beautiful crown”  The crown will fall onto her head with some sort of magical sound.


So far one thing I have found very frustrating about game salad is the constant freezing.  The software is rather slow and takes long to respond to previewing the app or adding files.  I find myself staring at the dreaded rainbow spinning wheel for  long periods, sometimes resulting in quitting gamesalad and returning to my previous saved position.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 01.24.43


The plan for the text box as I cant seem to find anything on this is to using after effects, create the scrolling effect and highlighting words.  This is the only way I can think of getting this.  Gamesalad doesnt allow you to use your own fonts.  Because the font I am using is a font that was chosen due the a being how we write an a, and not your typical font a like this very one, I need to use a not Gamesalad font.  Because I dont have after effects on my laptop I have to work on this in college.



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